Here at My Vegan Planet, we try not to judge too much.  But if you’re looking for how to become a vegan, we are definitely here to help!

Taking the plunge into veganism is a healthy, rewarding, and eco-conscious move that you will not regret.  Over the years we’ve talked to hundreds of people who have made the move for a variety of reasons, be it health, ethics, or fitness.  But we still hear from others who are scared, or have mixed feelings about making the jump.

We’re not here to judge, or try and convince you to do something you don’t want to do. My Vegan Planet is here to provide you with the recipes and information you need to live a health vegan diet if you are looking to become Vegan in a comfortable, neutral space!

Step One – Identify Your Reasons

It’s far easier to give up your regular diet if you know your reasons upfront.  Make yourself fully aware of what you are doing, and the reasons why ahead of time. It will make it far easier to not only resist any lingering temptations. It will also make you prepared for when you end up talking to a critic (and that will happen) who wants to questions your decision.

There are a few main reasons for becoming vegan:

  • Animal Ethics
  • Personal Ethics on Eating Meat
  • Health
  • Weight Loss

If you looking up how to become vegan for a different reason, let us know in the comments!

One thing to be careful of, there are instances when you may be criticised by other vegans for the reasons you became vegan.  There is not much that you can do about this, but we implore you to avoid criticising others for their own personal beliefs and reasons.

Step Two – Empty the Home

It might sound weird, but meat can be addictive.  If you’re looking to stop eating meat and dairy, first clean out your house to avoid temptation. You wouldn’t be the first fresh vegan to slip, so don’t make it easy for that to happen.

Spend an hour or two going through your home and cleaning out any animal based products. Just doing this can help you feel better!

Step Three – Stock Up on Snacks and Do Some Meal Prep

Hunger is a primal driving force, and most vegan meals are fairly healthy, less stodgy, and may leave you feeling a little hungry, even after a full meal.  Prepare some filling dishes that you can eat when you get hungry, and leave snacks such as nuts or sunflower seeds to satiate any hunger pangs early on.

Meal prep can be a handy habit to pick up anyway, it can save you a tonne of time during the week!

If you’re looking for filling meals we have quite a few under American, Irish, and English dishes 😉 )

Step Four – Never Stop Learning

There’s a reason you decided to become Vegan, and it’s important you don’t forget it.  Keep learning about the facts and reasons for your decision, it provides a purpose that really does help you stay focused, especially early on

Revise what you have learned, and keep an eye out for new information, facts and even stories from other vegans.

Step Five – Choose Where You Meet Friends

Some friends may support you, others won’t. But early on you really want to be careful where you go. Break old habits and try new places that have a vegan focus.  You won’t have to do this forever, although you may want to if your focus on veganism is animal ethics, but it definitely helps at the start.

Don’t forget that many beers are vegan, so make sure you know which local and national drafts you can drink!

And Finally – Don’t Give Up!

If you’re reading this article you’re probably (if not already) well on your way to becoming Vegan.  We just wanted to say, don’t give up! We know it can be tough, and we know that society and many cities do not make life easy for the vegan lifestyle. Veganism is a healthy, ethical, and delicious way to live, and we welcome you aboard!