Vegan Tofu Jerky

February 28, 2015

Vegan Tofu Jerky is a great way to enjoy tofu no matter where you are. These snacks are a great picnic food idea and perfect for a true vegan picnic.  There’s a lot of similar recipes out there for vegan picnic ideas, but most of them are very bland. Dips, sandwiches, etc.  This vegan tofu jerky recipe is a simple and unique way to bring something unique to your next vegan picnic!

Vegan Vietnamese Summer Rolls

February 28, 2015
Serves 8 Rolls
Prep time
Cook Time

The heat is just starting to set in here in Austin, so I have been testing out some recipes for vegan Vietnamese summer rolls.  These delicious snacks are great as a side, and appetizer or a snack, and will help refresh you during the upcoming summer heat, especially if you happen to be here in Texas 😉

These are also great for parties, make a few of these and you’ll be amazed at how quickly these vegan summer rolls disappear!

To make these you will also want some sauce, you can buy it, but it’s always better if you make it yourself!

Here’a what you will need.