Summer is well and truly here. In Austin we are seeing 100 degree + weather, and right now all we want is something cool, refreshing and tasty to eat.

To help others who are in the same situation as me I have pulled together three great summer vegan recipes from this site to help you deal with the summer heat with a few tasty snacks!

Ten Gorgeous Vegan Smoothies

A cool refreshing smoothie will help give you some energy and beat the heat. These ten recipes are great for the hottest of days, when you just want to sit outside and relax.

Vegan Summer Rolls

These summer rolls are better as apps, but if you just want something light to snack on you cannot go wrong.  They take minutes to make, and if you use fresh vegetables they are very refreshing.

Roasted Shallot Hummus

Fancy something a little more Mediterranean when the heat starts to hit? This gorgeous hummus goes great with crackers or vegan pita bread. While it is a little heavier than a smoothie or a spring roll, it is still light enough for a hot summers day, and this vegan recipe can be prepared in less than 15 minutes!

Hopefully these simple recipes will give you a little relief over the summer, but if you have any other summer vegan recipes you find delicious, let us know, we would love to post them!