Relationships can be difficult at the best of times; however they can be especially problematical if your significant other eats meat while you abstain.  Mostly people figure out how to work around these problems, in some cases however it can easily cause an otherwise good relationship to break up.  While dietary differences rarely seem important to begin with, they can soon snowball if you do not discuss them with your partner.

First off, to make this work compromise really is key.  For vegans or vegetarians who live with meat eaters life can be as easy or difficult as you make it.

If your vegan lifestyle is because of dietary choice then remember it is easy enough to cook two meals, sometimes you can cook one meal and before serving add some meat to one half of it!  Stir fry’s, spaghetti and even curries can all have the meat cooked separately and then added later!

If you have chosen a vegan or vegetarian diet for humane reasons things are a little more difficult, as sometimes the sight of your partner eating meat or dairy can repulse you, which can eventually draw you apart.  In these situations it is sometimes best to suggest to the meat eater of the partnership that it would be best if they ate meat based products when they are alone.  Be careful though, approach this in the wrong way and you could seem pretentious and controlling!

Diet wise there does not seem any difference at all that could be greater than the vegan/meat lover divide.  Fortunately it does not need to be the end of the world.  You can also try out some delicious vegan alternative recipes for common meals, where Tofu or Quorn is used to substitute meat.  You could also cook up some vegan meals which are delicious, even to the most avid meat eater!

By bringing in vegan substitutes such as this you can easily help alleviate any differences you have as a vegan with your meat eating boyfriend or girlfriend!

No one can tell another person how to live their relationship; it is after all the feelings of the two people that keep everything going.  In most cases however the vegan/meat eater relationship can work out, just as long as there is a little give and take.

The meat eater should eat a little vegan food, try vegan alternatives, find restaurants with a  variety of vegan meals and maybe cook the occasional vegan meal for their partner, if they feel up to it try cooking a vegan meal for two on occasions.

For the vegan you should try not to be controlling over the meat eater’s diet, maybe even cook up the occasional meat filled meal, if you are not a conscientious objector.  Remember that hard as your partner might try, finding a restaurant with a wide vegan selection is not always easy!

Living a life containing two polar opposite diets will not always be easy, but if you both love each other sacrifices can be made and you will learn to live in a way which is comfortable for the both of you.  Whether vegan or a meat eater, if you both want to be together things will most likely work out for you one way or another!