Vegan Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

March 1, 2015

This is a re-make of my grandma’s original tomato basil soup recipe, but I’ve made a few changes here and there to make it both easier and healthier.  If she were still with us today, I think she’d be really proud of it!  Best served with a grilled cheese sandwich and a warm cup of tea.


  • 48 Ounces
    Canned Whole Tomatoes (Drained)
  • 1 1/2 Cup
    Veggie Broth
  • 1/2 Cup
    Vegan Soy Cream
  • 1
    Bundle of Fresh Basil
  • Salt and Black Pepper to Taste


  1. In a large saucepan, empty two of the cans of tomatoes with the juice, and only put in the tomatoes from the last can. You can save the extra juice to use for another recipe or just throw it out. Cook on medium heat until it starts to boil. The tomato juice will be all splattery and bubbly and when that happens, you're ready to add 1 cup of the veggie stock and the soy cream/milk. Turn the heat down to low and stir.

  2. Now, for this step, I have found that the absolute easiest way of blending this soup is by using an immersion blender so that you don't have to deal with the mess of pouring hot soup into a blender, but if you don't have an immersion, the old fashioned blender will do just fine. Just be careful when pouring the mixture from the hot soup pot to the blender, and you will probably have to do it in batches. Basically, you want everything to be totally pureed and smooth. Once you have done this, return the soup back to the original pot and bring the heat back up to medium. Add the basil and cook for about 5 minutes, adding the rest of the stock slowly.

  3. After about 10 minutes, you basil should be incorporated into the soup. Normally, this is where I would whizz the soup again with the immersion blender to chop up any larger-than-wanted pieces of basil, but if you are using a regular blender, just make sure you chop the basil as finely as possible when you start.

  4. Season your soup with salt and pepper to taste and serve hot! Nothing goes better with tomato basil soup that a toasty grilled cheese (vegan cheese!) sandwich, but plain ole toast and butter will do, too!


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