Vegan Roasted Garlic and Leek Mashed Potatoes

March 1, 2015

Here’s a Thanksgiving side dish that will leave all your guests coming back for more.  Go ahead and tell them its vegan, too.  I bet they won’t believe you.

I apologize in advance for my lack of measurements in this recipe.  This is something I have always done without exact measurements, as I feel that mashed potatoes is something you want to play around with until you have it juuuust right.  Please direct any questions or comments my way.  Enjoy!


  • Potatoes
  • Big pot of water, add veggie broth and salt to taste
  • 1
    Head of Garlic
  • 1-2
  • Black Pepper
  • Soy butter
  • soy cream


  1. Before you start anything, you're going to want to roast your garlic. I do this the easy way - just turn the oven up to 400 and cut the top off of your unpeeled head of garlic with a serrated knife. I'm talking about the whole head here, not broken up into individual cloves. By doing this, you will have exposed the tops of each piece of garlic. Pour a little olive oil over the top of the exposed garlic and wrap the whole thing up in some foil loosely. Then, just pop it in the oven and leave it for a really long time. Like an hour or more.

  2. Once you have done this, remove the garlic and let it cool. Then, you can squeeze the garlic and each piece should just pop out of its shell. It should be roasted and mushy. Keep it in a bowl in the fridge and use it when you need it. Just like in this case...making mashed potatoes.

  3. Fill a large pot with water or stock (or half of each) about 2/3 of the way and add a pretty generous amount of salt. Then, pour in your potatoes while the heat is on high. The potatoes should be washed and cut into one inch cubes or slightly bigger. While they are boiling, saute your chopped leeks (I chop mine into 1/4 inch rings) in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Also, warm about 1 1/2 cups of soy milk. This is a rough estimate based on a batch of mashed potatoes for about 4 people to eat a fair bit.

  4. Once the potatoes are totally cooked through (you can tell this by mashing them with a fork easily), strain them from the water and keep them in the pot. I cook my potatoes so well that they can easily be mashed with a fork, but some people prefer to use a hand mixer. However you do it, this is the order you should do it in:

  5. slowly adding a little soy milk and soy butter (1 teaspoon at a time), mash or whip the potatoes until creamy. Add the leeks and a few cloves of the garlic and stir. Taste, and season with salt and pepper.

  6. You can seriously jazz these up by adding a couple of heaping spoonfulls of tofutti cream cheese. Pretty easy and delicious if you ask me.


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